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About Us

Webgenz CMS is written and maintained by Dave Krupinski. When Dave started developing web sites in the mid-90s, he was both impressed by the simplicity of HTML and frustrated by the lack of support for web site management and HTML code reuse. As his first web site grew to more than 500 pages, global design and content changes often involved repetitive, manual work. None of the available tools and technologies provided a complete solution to the challenges of site wide code and content management. Accordingly, Dave began developing Webgenz CMS specifically to address the code management needs of professional front-end web developers. In 1997, he released the first version of Webgenz CMS.

At the core of Webgenz CMS is a full-featured macro language that allows modular and object-oriented coding techniques to be applied to HTML. This makes it easy to share and reuse front-end code throughout a web site. By providing a framework for maximizing reuse and separating presentation from content, Webgenz CMS makes site development more efficient and predictable, while ensuring site-wide consistency.

For smaller web site projects, Webgenz CMS can be used as a stand-alone solution. For larger projects, it's the perfect compliment to server-based content and site management solutions.

Dave has been developing commercial software for over 15 years and much of the inspiration for Webgenz CMS came from Dave's background in SmallTalk and object-oriented software engineering. Webgenz CMS is actively maintained and enhanced.

Contact Us
You can contact us by writing to info@webgenz.com.

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