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Product Overview

Webgenz CMS is specifically designed to meet the challenges of professional, front-end web site developers. Webgenz CMS is a robust and mature development environment based on the following principles:
  • Reuse
    Code reuse increases productivity and site-wide consistency. Webgenz CMS provides a full-featured macro language that enables you to reuse any element of code, from document templates to link definitions and everything in between.

  • Separation of Structure, Presentation, and Content
    Webgenz CMS allows you to define and manage document structure, presentation, and content independently. This leads to more efficient and predictable site development.

  • Structured Programming Techniques
    Webgenz CMS introduces structured programming techniques to front-end web site development, allowing you to write modular HTML code that can shared throughout a web site.

  • Instant Integration
    No server software is required. No databases are required. There's no complicated integration process. Webgenz CMS employs a practical file-based approach and generates code for any web server platform. You can use it as a stand-alone application or with an existing content management infrastructure.

  • Advanced Features
    The challenges of front-end development are often unique and specific. Webgenz CMS can meet these challenges. The advanced features of Webgenz CMS facilitate specialized tasks such as: HTML optimization, private-labeled and co-branded sites, developer vs. production versions of the same web site, and more. Webgenz CMS is a mature platform that has evolved continually since the introduction of the web.
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