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License Agreement

Copyright / License Agreement / Warrantee
Webgenz Content Management System, including all program, data, and help files is Copyright 1997-2003 by David Krupinski. All rights pertaining to Webgenz Content Management System and the associated files are reserved by the author.

Webgenz Content Management System is supplied 'as is'. No warrantee, implied or explicit, is made with regard to this program or its fitness. Under no circumstances will the author be held liable for any damages that may be incurred by using this program, even if the author has been notified in advance of the possibilities of such damages. In some states there are limitations to the disclaimer of an implicit warrantee. If, for any reason, the author is found liable for damages as a result of use of this program, such damages will be limited to the amount paid for this program, which, according to the distribution authorized by the author, is $95 for registered users of the Professional Edition.

This version of Webgenz Content Management System may be freely distributed as long as the following conditions are met:
  1. No representations of ownership are made by anybody other than the author.
  2. No changes are made to any of the program, data, or help files. No files are added or removed from the distribution files.
  3. No charge is levied, excluding disk duplication and shipping, or modem connect charges.
  4. All other rights are reserved by the author.
Distribution of this program does not imply an agreement to use it.

If you use Webgenz CMS after the 30 day evaluation period, registration is required.

If you have any questions or comments about this program contact info@webgenz.com.

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