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User Guide

In addition to the User Guide, the following resources can help you get started using Webgenz CMS:

Webgenz CMS Overview
When working with Webgenz, you need to be familiar with the following concepts:

  • Project Definition File
    The Project Definition File is a text file that contains all the information related to a specific Project, including Folders, Documents, and the relationships between Folders, Documents, Templates, and Content Files. Read more >
  • Project
    A Project is used to identify a web site or portion of a web site that is being maintained by Webgenz CMS. You may have a single Project for your entire site or break your site up into multiple Projects. For most sites, a single Project is all that you will need. A single Project can contain hundreds of Folders and thousands of Documents.
  • Folder
    Folders are subdivisions of Projects. A Project can be logically divided into as many Folders as necessary. A Webgenz CMS Folder has no direct relationship to a Windows Folder. However, a you may decide to structure your Webgenz CMS Folders to map directly to Windows Folders.
  • Document
    Documents are HTML files (or any other type of text document) which are generated by Webgenz CMS. They are not edited directly, but are "generated" from Templates and Content Files. Documents are organized into Folders.
  • Template
    A Template defines the basic structure and layout for a Document. Templates contain Macro references that are replaced by Macro values when Webgenz CMS generates a web site. Read more >
  • Content File
    Content files are where Macros are defined. Content files are organized into a hierarchy which allows Macros to be shared (or inherited) across a group of files or your entire site. Read more >
  • Macros
    Macros are reusable blocks of code or content which are defined in Content Files.
  • Macro Parameters
    Macros may include parameters. This feature allows specific elements in a Macro to be replaced by parameters used when the Macro is referenced. See an example >

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