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Advanced Features

Webgenz CMS can meet the challenges of the most demanding front-end development projects. Some of the advanced features of Webgenz CMS are listed below.

Macro Language Features
The Webgenz CMS macro language includes features designed to maximize reuse and simplify code management and maintenance.
  • Parameter Support
    The Webgenz CMS macro language allows you to pass parameters to Macros. All parameters are optional and you can define default values for Macro parameters.

  • Nesting
    Macros can be nested in Webgenz CMS. You can nest Macros to any depth that you require.

  • Macro Scoping, Sharing, and Inheritance
    Webgenz CMS allows you to define Macros at different levels within a hierarchy of Content Files. The level at which a Macro is defined sets the scope of the Macro. For example, Macros can be defined to be global to the entire Project or local to a specific Document.

  • Macro Subclassing
    Webgenz CMS allows you to override or extend the definition of an inherited Macro. This allows you to set a default value for a Macro globally and modify the value for a specific Document as required.

  • Conditional Logic
    The Webgenz CMS Macro language allows you to conditionally include lines or blocks of code based on whether a Macro has a value.

  • Built-In Macros
    The Webgenz CMS provides a number of built-in Macros. You can use these Macros to:
    • Display the current date (with formatting options)
    • Display the current Webgenz CMS Project, Folder, or Document name.
Development Environment Features
The Webgenz CMS integrated development environment provides a consolidated view of all the files in your Project. Webgenz CMS makes it easy to plug-in your favorite text editor, web browser, version control software, and more.
  • Graphical Interface
    The Webgenz CMS GUI makes it easy to view and access the files in your Project. Double-click, drag-and-drop, and keyboard support allow you to work they way you want. Webgenz CMS displays icons so you can see file attributes - such as read-only - at a glance.

  • Global Search and Replace
    Webgenz CMS makes it easy to search and replace across all of the files in a Project.

  • Version Control Integration
    You can configure Webgenz CMS to work with any version control software that provides a command line interface, such as Perforce or Visual Source Safe.

  • Text Editor Integration
    Webgenz CMS allows you to use your favorite text editor to edit Content Files and Templates. If your text editor provides the necessary support, you can even configure Webgenz CMS to open your text editor and place the cursor at the start of the Macro definition that you wish to edit.

  • Project Browser
    The Webgenz CMS Project Browser allows you to browse and edit the configuration files for all of your Projects from a single screen.

  • Command Line Interface
    Use the command line interface to add Webgenz CMS to your build scripts.
Site Management Features
Webgenz CMS provides a number of special features for advanced site management.
  • Multiple Source File Directories
    You can configure Webgenz CMS to access all source files from a certain directory. Additionally, you can define a primary source file directory and a default source file directory. If a source file exists in the primary directory it will be accessed from there. If not, the file in the default directory will be used. This feature is especially useful if you deploy multiple versions of the same web site with slightly different features or branding elements. Webgenz CMS' support for multiple source file directories, provides a way to accomplish this on the front-end.

  • Development vs. Deployment Versions
    It's often necessary for the deployment version of front-end code to be different from the development version of the code. For example, when you deploy your web site you may need to change all of the path references for certain files, such as images. Webgenz CMS makes this easy. You can define Macros at the Project-level that override Macros defined elsewhere in the Project.

  • Incremental Site Generation
    You can configure Webgenz CMS to generate only modified Documents. This allows you to preserve the time stamp of files that have not changed when you generate a Project in Webgenz CMS. This is especially useful if you are generating JSP files or other files types which are recompilied by the server if their time stamp changes. Additionally, Webgenz CMS will output a list of all generated files, which can be used in deployment scripts.

  • HTML Optimization
    Webgenz CMS provides configurable support for HTML optimization, allowing you to reduce the overall size of your HTML pages and increase site performance.
These are some of the advanced features that make Webgenz CMS the most powerful front-end code and content management tool available.

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